Working together to combat criminal activities: APPRAISE collaborate with AIDA

AIDA is an Horizon 2020 EU funded project that started in September 2020 and will run until February 2023. The project’s main focus is Cybercrime and Terrorism, by approaching specific issues and challenges related to law enforcement agencies (LEAs) investigation and intelligence using pioneering machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to deliver a descriptive and predictive data analytics platform and related tools to prevent, detect, analyse, and combat criminal activities.

Whilst APPRAISE’s overarching goals differ, to improve both the cyber and physical security and safety of public spaces, the commonalities and challenges both projects are facing are very clear and provide an exciting opportunity to collaborate and gain new  insights into potential challenges and threats in the Cybercrime and Cyber Terrorism spheres alongside the sharing of methods, best practices and technologies which may be used to tackle such issues.

Such co-dissemination activities will involve the reciprocal posting of events, training, and project information, the marketing of newsletters, attendance at workshops, conferences  etc.  and  the  exchange  of  best  practices, knowledge and information.

We very much look forward to working with AIDA!